In Monte Rosa the mountain is much more than a natural environment: it is landscape, it is home.

Paths wind through the valleys that cross green meadows and dense woods and offer glimpses of ancient Walser villages and fascinating medieval castles, caressing the lakes and ancient irrigation canals.
Miles of marked natural paths extend across the varied landscape of Monte Rosa: itineraries capable of giving you new challenges and unexpected beauties, multi-day tours and slow-paced excursions.

Whether it's on foot, riding your bike or roped, discover the outdoor activities that are right for you!


Discover Brusson on the saddle of your mountain bike

Rifugio Arp

Rifugio Arp with E-bike

mountain bike

Bike itinerary: Le Ponteil - Col d'Arlaz

on the paths of the Monterosa Prestige

Ciclotour: Brusson - Saint-Jacques - Antagnod - Brusson

Testa di Comagna

Ciclotour: Testa di Comagna Tour

Challand-Saint-Victor, Brusson, Emarèse
mountain bike

Bike itinerary: Col de Joux circuit

on the paths of the Monterosa Prestige
mountain bike

Bike Itinerary: Circuit Salomon - Col di Joux

on the paths of the Monterosa Prestige
mountain bike

Bike Itinerary: Champoluc - Brusson

on the paths of the Monterosa Prestige
Castello di Verrès

Ciclotour: Saint-Vincent – Col de Joux – Verrès – Saint-Vincent

Col Tzecore

Ciclotour: Brusson - Col de Joux - Col Tzecore - Brusson


Before leaving for your high-altitude excursions, plan your outing carefully and, if you are tackling a classified route with high technical difficulty or you are a beginner, entrust yourself to an Alpine Guide or a Hiking Guide.
Be cautious and wear appropriate clothing for the excursion you are undertaking and remember that even in the mountains you have responsibilities. Protect nature in the mountains, leave no waste, stay on the paths, do not disturb wild and grazing animals, leave plants intact and respect protected areas.