Kids and Families

Brusson through the eyes of a child

bambini brusson

Fun and adventure for Brusson's little explorers!

Brusson offers many opportunities for your children to have fun and grow: playgrounds, walks and trekking to discover wonderful corners in our mountains but also outdoor sports to get to know the passions and aptitudes of your little ones.

Organized services dedicated to the care of children to play, get to know, discover and learn together with other children with whom to make new friends.

Your little ones will be able to practice outdoor sports, visit museums and castles and participate in many organized activities and workshops.


Discover the best activities for children and families!

Val d'Ayas

Brusson: 5 routes for children

Brusson's mines

Brusson's mines

Challand Art

Challand Art

Monterosa prestige kids

Monterosa Prestige Kids, the mountain bike for the little ones

Playground Brusson

Brusson for the little ones

Perfect holiday for families with children

Les Guillates Horse Riding School

Castello di Graines

Graines Castle

calcio brusson

Soccer in Brusson