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It is impossible not to be fascinated by the glaciers of the Alps and if your dream is to climb the peaks, our Alpine Guides are here to make it happen.  Broaden your horizons beyond the slopes and facilities, find the slow pace and discover unspoiled places together with the Guides. Conquer a descent on pristine slopes and reach the most hidden places of Monte Rosa, or use skis for multi-day raids around the most beautiful mountains of the Alps. From Monte Rosa to the summit of Mont Blanc, Matterhorn to the four thousand of Swiss Valais, the choice is yours!

If you want to dedicate yourself to paths that will lead you in the most authentic alpine culture, between centuries-old villages and breathtaking views of the Matterhorn and Monte Rosa, the Naturalistic Guides are here to accompany you. Discovering the territory: nature, history and wellness. Guided walking tours to discover the secrets and beauties hidden at the foot of the Monte Rosa massif together with Nature Guides.

Alpine Guides

Guide Alpine Champoluc - Ayas
Frazione Champoluc – Rue des Guides 3 11020 Ayas (AO)
Tel:  +39 346 244 1219

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Naturalistic Guides

Anna Ravizza
Tel: +39 340 3438276

Marzia Mosca
Tel: +39 340 7742819

Valentina Lupano
Tel: +39 328 319 6262

Simone Favre
Tel: +39 347 589 1923

Le Guide MTB


Simone Favre
Cellulare +39 347 589 1923

Fausto Revil
Cellulare +39 348 317 6321

Jean Louis Nicco
Cellulare +39 3470539819