Kids and families

Brusson for children and families

kids and families

In Brusson in winter as in summer the fun for your children is guaranteed! 

Unique experiences in contact with nature in the woods to recognize the footprints of animals, discover the difference between a spruce and a white fir, learn to orient yourself with the compass. Obviously accompanied by the inevitable mascot Kikesly.

For families who love snow and fun together with your little Brusson offers the opportunity to spend a day full of laughter and jokes within its Snow Park. 
And for those who love skating, the natural ice rink near the pond is a must. 

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The best activities for children

La pista di pattinaggio

Val d'Ayas


Skate on natural ice in Brusson


Val d'Ayas


Baby Snow Park Brusson

Playground Brusson

Val d'Ayas


Brusson for the little ones

Perfect holiday for families with children